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Teresa Casella


As President of Veranova Properties Limited, Teresa is responsible for leading the company and its strategic plan in delivery excellence, business growth, service expansion and diversification which has established Veranova as one of Canada’s most trusted brands for real estate asset management services.  Teresa is a seasoned professional, respected by the industry, who has brought to Veranova a wealth of experience within both the financial services and property management industries, which has enabled Veranova to become a leading real estate asset management company in Canada.  Earlier in her career, Teresa worked in several lending and compliance divisions at a number of national banks before joining Veranova.  For over the past 15 years, Teresa has been pinnacle to the success of the company and oversaw Veranova’s significant growth in its mortgage default services and its residential property management services.  She led the development of Veranova’s overall business service products, including its retail and relocation property management business lines.  These changes reshaped the image of Veranova within the real estate asset management industry.

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