Facilities Management

Integrated Facilities Management

A strategic facilities partner vested in your success

We’ll help you envision your future, manage your critical real estate assets and improve workplace quality of life with a complete portfolio of integrated facility management services.

  • 6,000,000+ sq.ft under management
  • Comprehensive management strategy (engagement, review, identify, change, measure)
  • Project management platform (design, manage, build, including partnership opportunities)
  • Facility management approach (review, measure, self-perform)
  • Entire suite of asset management tools (preventative maintenance, work orders, business intelligence, regulatory mitigation)
  • Leading technology infrastructure and client portal for asset/equipment management, preventative maintenance routines
  • Procurement cycles to align with operations and projects moulded to fit regional, national or global requirements
  • Fiscal management for business decisions supported by data, formats and benchmarks
One Source Supplier for All Your Facility Needs
  • Property management
  • Lease management
  • Energy and sustainability services
  • Facility services
  • Engineering services
  • Sourcing and supply chain support
  • Project management
A Vested Approach

Our goal is to create win-win relationships with our clients to drive long-term value characterized by:

  • Clearly defined and measurable outcomes based on mutually agreed upon key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Outcome vs transaction based business model
  • Puts focus on the ‘what’ not the ‘how’
  • Incentivized pricing model
  • Insight-based governance model

Transparent and Performance-based
  • With a unique management fee at risk pricing model, we become a strategic outsourcing partner with a vested stake in your success (and a share in your risk).
Nationwide Coverage
  • With offices across Canada and an experienced network of 1000+ inspectors, we have the ability to support the largest and most complex facility challenges.
Vendor Management
  • Key to Veranova’s ability to provide consistent quality and service are our sub-trades. We work with trades that have a proven track record and the resources to deliver services on time, with a quality result and no deficiencies. We treat our sub-trade partners with the highest of respect. Our clients benefit because we are able to bring the best sub-trades to their facilities ensuring a non-punitive environment and the best value as a result of our program.