Real Estate Management

Foreclosure Management

Protecting lenders with a better foreclosure process

We’ll put our 30+ years of real estate management experience to work to manage the foreclosure process from end to end. From the initial issue of demand letter through to listing and sale, we’ll eliminate the inefficiencies that plague and slow the process, drive up costs for lenders, and undermine loan recovery.

Full service provider for end to end management of the foreclosure process
  • Streamlined and lower cost
  • Property inspection/monitoring
  • Property maintenance/repairs
  • Appraisal of value
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Realtor selection & management
  • Legal liaison
  • Lender liaison
  • Realtor liaison
30+ Years in Real Estate Management
  • With specific expertise in the field of mortgage default
Nationwide Coverage
  • Offices across Canada and an experienced network of 450+ inspectors serving every province