Solutions for

Real Estate Brokers and Professionals

Experts in mortgage default, foreclosure and residential property management

Putting our 30+ years of real estate management experience to work, our team will work with your brokerage and professionals to provide expert guidance as it relates to the listing and sale of foreclosed properties.

Veranova also supports realtors and their clients with a comprehensive portfolio of residential property care services, providing a turnkey solution for clients who are investors, who own multiple residences or who may frequently travel abroad.

  • Foreclosure process training for brokers and teams
  • Homeowner advocacy & realtor coaching
  • Pricing & listing expertise
  • Property management services

Foreclosure Process Training

Mortgage default is still a relatively rare circumstance in Canada, so most realtors are unfamiliar with navigating the foreclosure process. However, economic conditions can change. Veranova is a leading expert in foreclosure issues and our team of real estate experts are on hand to provide the necessary training to brokerages and their professionals on all foreclosure matters. Training topics include:

  • Marketing of a foreclosed property
  • Understanding Schedule A
  • Submitting a comparative market analysis

Personalized training can be tailored to the brokerage’s need and delivered on site.

Realtor Coaching

The mortgage default process introduces new players (lenders, law firms, property management firms) into the real estate mix, and realtors often find themselves in unchartered waters. Veranova’s team of real estate experts have deep experience in property foreclosure matters, a national understanding of the market, and strong relationships with lenders and their representative law firms. We are available as an on-demand resource to realtors who find themselves representing the sale of a foreclosed property.

Pricing & Listing Expertise

Often there are no comparables in a foreclosure circumstance. Veranova’s real estate team has extensive familiarity with the foreclosure process and can provide realtors with the support they need to price and market a foreclosed property.

Nationwide Real Estate Alliances

Veranova supports a variety of brokerages and realtors across Canada providing training, coaching and support.

Property Management Services

Whether your clients own multiple personal residences, are snowbirds flying south for the winter, or private real estate investors, a well managed and maintained property is key to preserving real estate value. Serving realtors and their clients from Vancouver to Halifax, Veranova’s white glove concierge property management team ensures the ongoing care and preservation of a homeowner/investor’s real estate assets.